Covering Confrontation

It has been over a month since I wrote my post about Struggling with conviction – Head Coverings . During that time a couple from an orphanage we support in India came to visit and make a report to our church. The husband made his report with his wife by his side and then our pastor came up to pray for them. The wife calmly lifted her head covering from around her neck to cover her hair before the prayer and the expression on her face was so reverential, an expression that I thought of as beautiful submission.

That day I was sure that this symbol was something good and helpful for spiritual growth in a similar way to communion, which is covered in the same chapter; I Corinthians 11. The Corinthian church in their spiritual immaturity were in the first case ignoring one custom and making a mockery of the other.

I know I have gotten off track. I decided to talk to my wife on our Sunday afternoon walk. I told her about how I had been struggling with these convictions off and on over the last decade and had gone back to excepting the excuses that most every one else was making to ignore the head covering custom. I told her about watching it in action that Sunday when the couple from India visited and how beautiful I thought the symbolism was. And talked about how we should bring this symbolic custom back. She said nothing and continued to say nothing as if I had never spoken of this.

The next morning I left the head coverings I had bought in plain sight on top of her dresser and left for work. Finally on Friday night she asked to talk and she showed me this article at

But the only part she wanted me to look at was this paragraph:

Today, however, the situation is quite different, at least in the West. For a woman to wear a head covering7 would seem to be a distinctively humiliating experience. Many women–even biblically submissive wives–resist the notion precisely because they feel awkward and self-conscious. But the head covering in Paul’s day was intended only to display the woman’s subordination, not her humiliation.

I replied with, I understand that you could feel this way but I think you will get sympathy where I will probably get ridiculed. I won’t go into the emotional storm that went on for the next 20 minutes but it ended with her finally conceding that she wasn’t closed to the notion and she asked if she could talk to her friends and pray about it. I agreed to that because this is a public action and those conversations are inevitable.

The second Sunday after this she surprised me by wearing a head covering even though she never got around to talking to her friends.

Author: old-fashioned-man

I am a follower of Jesus Christ who has been married since 1989. We had four boys then adopted siblings, a boy and girl from foster care in 2008 when my daughter was seven and my son was eight. We reside in the beautiful state of Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Covering Confrontation”

    1. Thanks buddy, God has made a way. Now I wait to see what will come from this. Head coverings may seem like a useless symbol but if that were so why are there so many ridiculous excuses to dismiss the practice. My wife teaches the girls and younger women of our church so it will most likely spark discussion.

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