Insulting God’s image

“My better half” I have heard this phrase so many times over five decades usually during introductions but also frequently from the pulpit. I know it is just self deprecating humor, but is it? Don’t even “jokes” influence a persons thinking? Will our children hearing this repeated as they grow up be left uninfluenced?

I think that this type of talk is damaging because it insults God’s image which is man.

For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man. I Corinthians 11:7 

So if I introduce my wife as my “better half”, essential the message I am conveying is that what God made for my glory is better than what God made for His glory. To me that is  like saying to God, “Well God, at least you did better the second time around”. That is not the message I want my children internalizing. I want my sons internalizing that they are made in God’s image and desiring to live up to that glorious ideal through the power of God working in them. I want my daughter to respect men and be a helper suitable for her husband so that they will together glorify God.

Just my opinion.


Author: old-fashioned-man

I am a follower of Jesus Christ who has been married since 1989. We had four boys then adopted siblings, a boy and girl from foster care in 2008 when my daughter was seven and my son was eight. We reside in the beautiful state of Colorado.

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